Sunday, April 15, 2007

Street Children

Philippines is a small country. Like other countries, it has its own local problem. One of these problems is about street children. This is a problem because of the following consequences: 1) Crimes: Children without custody and control make their living through committing crimes: breaks into cars, homes and stores and through attacking people. The struggle of survival of tens of thousands of homeless children in the large cities is reflected in the rapidly growing statistics of violent acts, thefts and hooliganism. Young people who have to steal and act in a violent way in order to stay alive are a serious criminalizing factor in the society. 2) Drugs: On the streets the child usually becomes addicted to drugs. Drug usage begins from sniffing glue, which for the children is a means for quenching the feeling of cold, hunger and pain. As young as 12-13 -old may move from glue sniffing to intravenous drugs. Many of them are so deeply into street life and drugs that they hardly can be motivated and restored back to normal life. 3) Physical, psychic and moral corruption: The unprotected street life without provision for the basic needs produces children and youth who are broken physically, mentally and socially and have a corrupted set of values. Not only are these children suffering from untreated sicknesses and deficiency diseases, but they also corrupt morally. 4) Violence and dangers: Violence and dangers are an inseparable part of children's life on the streets. Harsh conflicts occur between intoxicated children and their groups, some of them even are killed in these fights. Debts are collected back through violence, if needed. Children and youth may use very harsh measures when attacking and robbing adults. On the other hand, also the militia handles the children roughly, even those who have not committed crimes. — In addition to violent incidents, street children occur in dangerous situations due to their reckless playing - such as hanging behind a tram - and climbing to the places where they stay, for example ruined buildings. 5) Diseases: Street children suffer from malnourishment and health problems caused by glue and drugs. Many of them are smaller by size than normal children of their age. Lice and itch are a common trouble. Some children have venereal diseases and tuberculosis. (

But who are we going to blame?

According to the article “Parents' non-cooperation hampers help for street kids: social welfare” of Sun-Star Bagiuo, “the reluctance of parents to cooperate with agencies concerned in promoting children's welfare is one of the reasons why the problem on street children could not fully be addressed.” It is clear that the problem is not the street children themselves, but their parents. They are very abusive and therefore should be punished. Why not make a law to punish the parents who let their children stray in the streets? Or is there already a law, but again, it is not effectively implemented?

One thing that may add to the problem on street children is most Filipinos are Christian. Giving alms to these street children is a way of showing charity – a Christian principle – causing these street children to be encouraged staying on the streets because of the idea that they can rely to these kind of people - those who pity their situation. Are they really helping them, or making things worst? A good deed turns out to be an advocate of a bad consequence.

PREVENTION - If parents would only take responsibility of taking care of their children, problem on street children may no longer exists.

CURE - If people would only be smart enough to think that helping them can worsen the situation, things may have been different.

Since we already have this problem, a good law and a good implementation to punish these parents of these street children is strongly recommended.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Practical Mosquito Killer

Yesterday, after cleaning my room, I found out that there are so many mosquitoes flying around after all that thorough cleaning. My room has an air-conditioning unit and using a mosquito killer coil is not a good idea. My friend told me to use a plastic plate, put some oil on it and sway it all over the place where the mosquitoes could be found. I used a plastic cover instead and about 90% of the mosquitoes were caught alive in the oiled-plastic cover. I guess it is an efficient way to kill mosquitoes in a 5x5 meter squared room. But in a larger room of course, fumigation is much better.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Everyday is full suprises. You'll never know when you gonna die. Yes, nobody will ever know when they will die, cause when they do, they'll never know. Confusing? Anyway, I welcome you all to read my blog, things related to everyday life and death.

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